Interview with Bob Bradbury by the Music-Pleasuredome 2007

Hello 'Hello'! Welcome to Music-Pleasuredome! How are you?
Yeah! We’re cool. How are you?

'Hello' from today is different to 'Hello' from the 70s. Please introduce to us the current line-up of the band.
Well there’s Jasper on Drums and Backing Vocals, Dunc on Bass and Backing Vocals, Simon on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals and me, Bob Bradbury on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

What are the other changes at 'Hello' that make the band different to the 70's?
We are more rocky and powerful. We have recently been described as 'Power Punk'!

'Hello' was one of the most successful Glamrock bands. Is it right, that you, Keith Marshall, Jeff Allen and Vik Faulkner (the later foundation members) already played together in the age of 12 years?
We were actually 11 years old! We played all over the UK and some of Europe. As we became more successful we played all of Europe and Japan. Even at the age of 14 we played for the Queen of England at London's Royal Albert Hall.

When did come the idea to found a band?
I wanted to be in a band from the age of about 7 when I was in Junior School. I formed a mime band called The Flashback Berries and mimed to Fire Brigade by The Move at a local talent competition. The reaction from the girls was so great they even chased us home. That was it! I taught myself to play the guitar, bass and drums. I auditioned other boys of my age where found Jeff, Keith and later Vic. I helped teach them their instruments and we started our band The Age.

What's the story of the name? Why you called your band 'Hello'? What´s the meaning and the background of the name?
When we got involved with Management they decided that it would be better to change the name to something more memorable, something that people would say every day. We thought 'Hello' would be a good idea.

Please tell us something about how the band was discovered... something about the first hours of your professional career as a musician.
We were discovered when playing at a local club in Edmonton by Russ Ballard (Argent) and David Blaylock. They put us into a studio to record a mixture of our tracks and some written by Russ. Bell Records heard the songs and signed us up. The first hours of being professional were hard work with TV, Radio, Photo Sessions, Styling, Gigs, Newspaper & Magazine Interviews etc but it was really good fun, especially the parties.

The big breakthrough came with the song 'Tell Him' in 1974. It was the first Top 10 hit in the UK. What was it for a feeling to be suddenly on top together with bands like 'The Sweet', 'Slade' and 'Mud'?
It was great but we had got quite used to meeting, playing and partying with all the big bands. We had gigged heavily with them over the years and in the run up to the release of Tell Him.

In Germany the band had altogether 9 Top 50 Hits, a lot of visits at TV- and Radio-Shows and a huge number of fans. Do you remember the time in Germany?
I remember it being very exciting and unbelievable just how great out German fans were (and still are). Loads of great memories.

What are the most beautiful memories you have about the time with Hello in the 70s?
It's a really hard question to answer as there were so many great times. Our first TV show and our first really big concert with Gary Glitter & The Glitter Band would be near the top of the list.

And what are the not so nice memories?
One of our roadies was killed in a car crash. Our road crew were part of the band, it was like losing a member of your family. You are nothing without your road crew.

In 1978 the band published their last album. What were the reasons for the end of “Hello”?
We all wanted to go in different musical directions.

Keith and Jeff started solo careers after the end of “Hello”. Do you have contact to your former colleagues? What are Vik Faulkner, Jeffrey Allen and Keith Marshall doing today?
I see Vic quite regularly, he's still playing doing solo gigs in Spain. Unfortunately I have lost contact with Jeff and Keith.

Like mentioned above, the last album with new songs by “Hello” is from 1978. Some 'Best of' compilation were published after it but no real new album. Is it wrong if I say, “Hello” is now a real Live-Band without ambitions for making new songs?
We released an album in 1996 called Hello Glam Rockers. The album contains our own versions of our favourite Glam tracks. We also released 3 original Christmas tracks (Christmas Can’t Be Beat, Santa Rock and Way Beyond) around the same time which appear on German Christmas Compilation albums every year. Santa Rock can currently be heard on our My Space page at

How big is the chance that you will make another album with brandnew songs in the future?
Definitely, the plan is that there will be another Hello album in the future. Currently I am concentrating on managing my sons band, JB and The Gangs Pop Sensation and running my Recording Studio.

One of the most successful hits you have was 'New York Groove'. It was covered by several artists. What's your opinion about 'coverversions'?
Yeah, it's really cool. It’s nice to know that other artists like the track enough to record it.

Ace Frehley from KISS have also made his own version of this hit. Was there any contact to him at that time as he recorded the song (has he called to ask if he can use your song for a coverversion, or so?)? How do you like his version?
Ace was given permission by our publishing company to record the track. His version is cool. It has given Hello a lot of cred in America, especially as American record companies told us at the time of Hello releasing it that it would never be a hit in the US.

When will 'Hello' be again in Germany for some concerts?
There is a possible concert this year. Keep an eye on the website for details –

What kind of music you are listening to, today? What is the last CD you´ve bought?
I listen to Punk, Ska and Rock. The last album I bought was Muse, Black Holes & Revelations.

What are your plans for the future? (your own and the plans for the band)
I don't make plans, I say let's see what happens.

Thank you very much for your time and your answers. Is there something you would like to add?
I would like to say thank you to all our fans for their continued support over the years. And a big thank you to all at Music Pleasuredome for your interest in Hello.